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08:46 pm: First news of the year and everything and stuff
Gonzoriffic enters its 7th year of DIY underground film production with a very optimistic outlook for 2010. Aren't you excited? Why the fuck are you reading this if you're not?

Next up for us is the Women In Horror Film Festival, a show we've put together to coincide with Women In Horror Recognition Month. Our favorite local art house theater Athens Ciné will be hosting the event, which takes place on February 27th.

The program consists of short horror films all directed by women, including two new movies from us: GIMME, directed by Monica Puller, and PERFECT HARRY, directed by Countess Samela. "Gimme" wrapped in early November and stars Diver Velour, Ivy Morgan, Monica and the voice of Amy Kelly (cult star of films such as "Pep Squad" and "Firecracker"). "Perfect Harry" shot last weekend and is now in post-production. The rest of the films we'll be showing were done by friends of ours outside of Gonzoriffic, including directorial efforts from Ruby LaRocca, Heidi Martinuzzi and Val O. Morris. We'll be adding more to the list as the date draws closer!

In March, production begins on DOLLFACE, written and directed by Andrew Shearer. We really had fun with the doll elements in "Gimme", and have been looking to do a project involving a small army of evil dolls for a while now. It's being shot with the intention of premiering at our next midnight show in October of this year.

The DVD for FOX HOLES is in the works as of this writing. The cut of the film will be different than the theatrical version by about 2 minutes, and a handful of extras are planned (including footage from the premiere back in October). "Gimme" will also be included on the disc.

This fall, I'M IN THE BASEMENT will be shown at the Buried Alive Film Festival, being held at Atlanta's historic Plaza Theater ("Blood Witch" played it last year), and there's a possibility that EROTIC COUCH will be playing at this year's Cinerotic Film Fest, also in Atlanta.

Lots of cool stuff and more on the way. This isn't the year to kill yourself, trust us.

We now leave you with a still image from "Gimme" and some behind-the-scenes video from the set of "Perfect Harry"...


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