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underground filmmaking from athens/atlanta GA

GONZORIFFIC is not a professional film company, nor does it aspire to be. we're merely a group of friends combining our respective talents making weird little movies, and that's it. we're writers, actors, musicians, makeup artists, singers, and visual artists who share a common sense of humor and sense of purpose. co-founded in 2001 by andrew shearer and monica puller, GONZORIFFIC has gone on to play numerous film festivals around the world with their special brand of female-driven genre-jumping underground cinema.

this account serves as a production journal, and is maintained by gonzoriffic co-founder andrew shearer. to learn more about him, please read his decently accurate IMDB profile (andrew's note: since that bio was written, i've been kissed by kitten natividad. i've also made several more films since then, but IMDB decided last year that self-distributed (DIY) films are not real movies, and thus does not allow them to be listed on its site.)

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