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02:17 am: So much for Loudtwitter...
Oh, internet.

I check in here at LiveJournal to discover the Loudtwitter service hasn't archived any of my updates in two months.

At this moment in time, Facebook is where I've been posting all the Gonzoriffic news because Facebook the only thing anyone ever goes to. It's no wonder David Fincher made a movie about that site; the fucking thing has not only replaced e-mail, but it has basically replaced everything else. I will say this, though, it has shown me that people I've never even met can be more supportive of my artistic endeavors than some of my real-life friends. Kind of mind blowing what a simple thumbs-up on a computer screen can do for one's momentary happiness.

Anyway, a lot has gone on over the past couple months as we gear up for our fall show at Athens Cine. Our new movie, "Dollface", is completed and the DVDs are ready, they just need a front cover (which our own Rachael Deacon is drawing). The film runs 45 minutes and boasts one of the largest casts we've ever had. The whole thing has been an emotional undertaking for me. In the end, despite some darkness in the film, we still managed to bring the tried and true Gonzoriffic pathos everyone loves so much.

Countess Samela and Rachael Deacon both recently completed shooting their respective short films and editing will commence this week on both. That makes the show's lineup as follows:


Hopefully that'll fill a good 90-minute chunk of time. If not, there's always old stuff I can resurrect, but it would be nice to have one show that consisted of all-new material. Rachael and I are also working on another art exhibit to coincide with the show featuring her paintings and my photographs. It's going to be an exciting four weeks :)

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